Sri Lanka is home to roughly 123 species of mammals, 41 of which are threatened (9 critically). 16 of the species are endemic, of which 14 are threatened,[2] including the large sloth bear. mammalian orders), with 30 different species. Sri Lanka’s surrounding waters are home to 28 species of Cetaceans.

Sri Lanka currently contains 173 species of reptiles, of which 56 are threatened and 103 are endemic. Most of the reptiles are snakes and the largest are two species of crocodile, the mugger crocodile and saltwater crocodile.

Sri Lanka has one of the richest diversity of amphibians in the world, containing over 140 species of amphibians up to 2015, with 109 endemic species and has been claimed to have the highest amphibian species density in the world though that has been challenged. 52 species of amphibians in Sri Lanka are threatened, all but one of which are endemic.

Sri Lanka is home to 227 species of birds (though some past estimates put it as high as 486), 46 of which are threatened (10 critically)

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Sri Lanka contains 93 species of fresh water fish, and 50 of which are endemic to the country. 28 species are categorized as threatened by IUCN. There are 8 species of brackish water fish that also come to fresh water, and 24 introduced exotic fish species.
245 butterflies species are recorded from Sri Lanka of which 24 are endemic to the island
There are 18 species of scorpions which are found in Sri Lanka. Out of these 18 species, 7 species are endemic to Sri Lanka. In addition to the endemic species, 4 subspecies of the 9 non-endemic species are also endemic to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan scorpions are included in 3 families.