Trekking & Hiking in Knuckles Mountain Range
Origin of the name “Knuckles”:
Originally, the villagers called this region the “Dumbara Kaduwetiya” meaning “Misty Mountains”. The area was named as “Knuckles” by British surveyors, due to a prominent landscape featured a group of five peaks that resemble the knuckles of a clenched first, seen from many view points in the area east & north-east of Kandy.

Knuckles conservation forest situated at latitude 81’E. Forest covers 230 squire kilometers & falls within Kandy & matale administrative districts. Geographically a part of the central massif of the island. But it is isolated from main mountain areas by Dumbara valley in the south East & by the matale valley in the west.

Knuckles forest gain annual rain fall 2500 – 5000 millimeters & temperature between 18C to 27C & knuckles mountain range consist of 35 peaks 900 above the sea level.

The main peaks in knuckles mountain range are “Gombaniya” (height-1904 meters), “Knuckles” (1862 meters), “Kirigalpoththa” (1646 meters), “Dumbanagala” (1642 meters), “Kalupahana” (1628 meters), “Wamarapugala” (1558 meters), “Dothalugala” (1553 meters), “Kehelpothdoruwagala” (1528 meters), “Pathanagala” (1514 meters), “Thelebugala” (1331 meters), “Lakegala” (1317 meters).

Bio diversity of the knuckles mountain range:
Main forest formations of knuckles mountain range are lowland tropical wet semi-evergreen forest, Tropical sub montane grassland & Patana, pygmy forest. In addition to that, Riverine forest, Rock outcrop forest, forest plantations & Tea, Cardamom, plantation are represents.

Nature Trails in Knuckles Mountain Range:

Mini World’s End Nature Trail:
01.25 kilometers long easy trail start from knuckles conservation center passing a man made bridge crossing the tiny water way, Deanston Lake, Pines plots & grass land.
Top of the mountain you could enjoy breathtaking view of low lands landscape of Sri Lanka & some peaks of knuckles mountain range.

Dothalugala Nature Trail:
The beautiful 07 kilometers long nature trail highlighted with Dothalugala mini waterfall, Panoramic views of the hills & ridges, Beautiful montane forest (Cloud forest), Endemic & rate bird species, wild orchids, Reptiles, butterflies & amphibians.